[Solved]Serial Communication to an external MCU


Is it possible to send serial commands from the redbear Nano 2 to another device using the SDA and SCL pins?


Hi apresent,
Yes. And this is an example to use SDA and SCL to control a flash device.


SDA and SCL belong to the I²C-Interface (also called TWI) which is also an serial interface but when talking about serial commands normally the UART-Interface is meant which uses RX and TX.

If you only want to change the pins in hardware so the UART-Interface uses the I²C pins (D2/D3) it should be possible. At least when using the nrf52 SDK, when using arduino I don’t know.


Yes you are correct sir, UART-Interface is what I plan to use so I would in fact need only use the RX TX pins rather then the SDA and SCL. Error on my part. Thank you for the correction!