Source and build for nRF52832 test hex files


Are the source and build instructions available for the hex examples in the nRF5x/nRF52832/test directory in the repository? I know these work on the BLE Nano 2 and would like to replicate from source to hex. I have tried similar example code on mbed, nordic, arduino and have not had success.

Thank you



These were built using the Arduino method.

I think you can try the Blink first and let us know the problem with some log or screen dump.


I loaded the arduino ide and the examples do not have a blinky app.
I tried both: and and after installing the 0.02 version, the examples do not show a blinky example app.



File -> Examples -> 01.Basics -> Blink

It is a basic Arduino test sketch.


i have the same problem. The Example BLE Nano2 sketches don’t work. Only the pre-compiled test file work fine.
Where can we find the updated source code?


I have the same problem. The pre-compiled hex-files work, but I can’t compile any code (including the examples) to get a working hex-file.


Those are from the BLE_Examples: