SSH issues on IoT pHAT


Newly installed my IoT pHAT this morning. Currently running into issues with SSH working.

The IoT pHAT connects to my wifi and can browse outbound, SSH is running on the pi zero - when I attempt to connect to it it just hangs. Remove the IoT pHAT and utilize a USB wifi adapter and I can SSH in just fine.

Was running “IoT pHAT w/eep_v0.3” but updated to v0.4. Still no success on getting SSH to work through the IoT pHAT. Checking to see if anyone else was running into a similar issue.



Needed to perform the following ---- Taken from this source:

Edit the two configuration files for the Raspberry Pi:


And add the following line to the bottom of the configuration file:

IPQoS 0x00