SSL Library & Hibernate Mode


Dear RedBear Team,
I am interested in streaming data from a sensor board over Wifi with SSL protocol. For this reason I am interested in purchasing a Wifi Micro which supports SSL. Could you please let me know if there is any SSL library by RedBear or I could just use the following library? …
In addition I would like to control the status of the Wifi Micro, wakeup or hibernate, through the other board for power consumption reasons. Is there any API that controls the status or I should just open and close the power to the Wifi Micro using a transistor?


Hi @gc1, I’m sorry to tell that there are less of examples from RedBear to demonstrate the CC3200 features. But it should be compatible with the CC3200 launchpad board. You can find more examples from Energia or ask related questions on the Energia forum.

The CC3200 does support SSL, but I’m not sure if such APIs are exported in the Arduino convention. More professional projects I would recommend you to use the CC3200 SDK provided by TI.



Thanks for your reply.