Strange LED colours?


I’m having some trouble with a redbear duo that seemed to work fine, at least until about 2 weeks ago.

Now, it isn’t recognized by either of the computers I have successfully programmed it with in the past, and it’s LED colour patterns don’t seem to match what’s supposed to happen. For example, if I press SETUP and RESET and then let go of RESET, here is the pattern of lights I see:

  • about 8 red blinks
  • about 16 yellow blinks (if I let go here, it will keep flashing yellow, but is not recognized as a DFU device)
  • a bunch of really fast green flashes
  • a bunch of really fast yellow flashes
  • steady yellow for a second
    -off for a second
    -really fast yellow flashes
    -steady yellow for a second
  • off

Does anyone know what that pattern of lights means? It’s not the patterns described in as far as I can tell. But it is clearly a pattern.

I have installed dfu-util before and used it, but it doesn’t see it as a DFU device when it’s blinking yellow and I can’t burn the bootloader.

My computer can recognise other redbear duos.

I may try to burn the bootloader with a programmer connected to the ICSP pins.


It seams like the blue pixel of the RGB was not working. The expected behavior is as follow:

  • Blinking magenta (red and blue on)
  • Blinking yellow (red and green on)
  • Fast blinking green
  • Fast blinking white (red, green and blue on)

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