Sucessfull Pi Zero + IoT pHAT + SensorTag + Node-RED Implementation



I’d like to use Node-RED on the Raspberry Pi Zero + IoT pHAT + SensorTag.

What I’ve managed so far:

  • Connect to the SensorTag and retrieve data
  • Install and run Node-RED

but I’m facing issues when I try to use either node-red-node-sensortag or node-red-contrib-sensortag.

Any successful installation on Raspberry Pi + IoT pHAT + SensorTag + Node-RED? Thank you!




It works now!

Many trick:

  • Force installation of npm release 2.15.
  • Use node-red-contrib-sensortag.
  • Disconnect the SensorTag with bluetoothctl so Node-RED can handle BLE.


Nice project and thanks for sharing.

Do you have a “project page” for this?


I’m working on it. Stay tuned!


Please find the full instructions at SensorTag to Blynk Using Node-RED.



Thank you for sharing.


I’m having problems after the tag is found the first time. I updated my system to PIXEL and seem to be having Bluetooth problems. bluetoothctl commands work ok with the TI Tag and LightBlue Bean. But when I try to use Bluepy, programs connect, but never display data. Any one have any ideas? Did I miss an upgrade?

Thanks, Russ


Have you tried

If connection doesn’t work, launch bluetoothctl in a separate connection and disconnect the SensorTag with

disconnect B0:B4:48:ED:B4:84  
Attempting to disconnect from B0:B4:48:ED:B4:84  
Successful disconnected  


Yes I did. I followed your writeup.



The problem seems to be Bluetooth enumeration.

Two assumptions:

  • two processes are doing enumerating simultaneously,
  • the cache isn’t refreshed fast enough.

Try and remove the battery coin cell from the SensorTag, and place it again.


Do you know what service and characteristic help me to send a float number?