Suggestions for reading serial data with BLE Nano V2


I’m new to these boards, and bought a BLE Nano V2 because I was looking for something small that had Bluetooth. I’m also trying to use an MPU 9250 breakout for sensing. I overlooked something really basic and didn’t pick up anything so that I could monitor data once I have the circuit put together. There are so many choices that I’m not really sure what the best option is for me. I’m using Arduino to program the BLE Nano, and I’d like to be able to view the data through the serial monitor in Arduino. It would also be nice if I could install new sketches with the board remaining in the circuit, so I’m not pulling it out to put it in the DAPLink, if that’s possible. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I should use? I was thinking something like this:


Hi @thecause17,

The DAPLink can also functions as a USB-UART bridge. Just simply mount the BLE Nano 2 onto the DAPLink and call the Serial methods to send/received data/from serial port.

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