Support for Wiced Studio 6.0



Wiced studio 6.0 has been released last week. Is it possible that you guys update the patch so that we can tart using 6.0 release.

Thanks a lot


Hello folks,

It has been almost a month. Do you guys have any plans for the update?



Hello guys,

Cheong answered in another thread that support for wiced studio 6.x will be released early january.


Yes, I’m back.:smiling_imp:


Hey Guohui,

Welcome back :slight_smile: Glad to hear from you.


Hello folks,

Any news about the support for wiced studio 6.0?

have a nice day


Hi @riforifo,

We are sure that we will release a Duo patch for WICED 6.x in April. Once it has been released, I’ll post it here to let you know ASAP.

Thanks for your patience.



Hi @riforifo,

I’m so excited to announce that we’ve just published a patch of the WICED-SDK-6.1 for the Duo platform.