TCP communication ( Socket ) Over The USB in Redbear duo



I asking if i i can make a TCP communication over the USB using the socket in redbear duo, i am using the Particle Web IDE




Would you mind to elaborate more on your use case for this?


i would like to make communication between a android device (tablette) and the redbear duo using the TCP protocol. the android device and redbear are connected using a mini-usb cable
it is possible to do that ???


Sorry, I think it is hard to do that.


I found this library in github , this allow us to this kind of communication between Arduino and android devices, but when i try to include it in my redbear project it give this issue :

error: pins_arduino.h: No such file or directory

did you have an idea to solve this ???

note: i can include the library without any problém with a Arduino ATMega