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TLS for WiFi connection?

Did / does anybody work on enabling TLS connectivity for the Arduino examples? Goal would be
to interact via https with a server / cloud different from Particle.

Would mbed TLS (or e.g. matrixSSL - see https://community.particle.io/t/https-client-is-here-for-the-photon-by-the-glowfi-sh-team/15934) be an option and are there any activities / results in this direction already?

best regards

Hi @ubiq01, you would like to try this example:

The TLS is implemented in firmware by Particle:


Thank you for the hint.

Nevertheless, I see that the example you mention connects to port 80 (http). The hint to the firmware tree
shows DTLS (UDP) related stuff (that I would nevertheless be very interested to use from the Arduino IDE
with an arbitrary / non Particle Cloud destination => started another topic for this).

best regards

WiFi encryption protects all communication from your device from the local network and TLS provides end-to-end communications security over networks and is widely used for internet communications and online transactions.

Also learn about Wifi Optimisation software.