Two BLE NANO v2 communicating



I have two BLE NANO v2 boards.
My goal is to have one board communicating through SPI with an external ADC, collecting 100 bytes of data and then send it over to the second board.
The second board would be communicating over UART with a PC, to transfer the data.

To do this, I have the BLE Central example code programmed in one board, through the Arduino IDE.
On the other board I loaded the HRM example.

I did not succeed in modifying the HRM example in order to send chunks of 100 bytes. As far as I understand it, the HRM service is already programmed to send one uint16.
Would it be more advisable to code a new service for this application? Does anybody have any information that might help?

NRF maximum gatt mtu size

hi vinkstevin,
according to protocol Ble4.0, each time the maximum byte to send is limited to 20bytes. how do you send the bytes and you can show your code. the HRM sketch uses notification to send data I think you can use it.