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Unable to blink LED (pin 13/C7)


I see the LED pulse when the bootloader is running. Which pin is it on? I looked at an Arduino pin mapping for the ATmega32u4 and it should be on pin 13, or C7. Setting the data direction register for that pin and then writing to it does not activate the LED.

Is there some additional information I need that is wrapped by the Arduino libraries?



what board are you using??


Hi @r0b0t1, If you are looking for the LED pins those are used by the bootloader, please check here



@anand-tiwary: I am using a Blend Micro (ATmega32u4 with the nRF module).

@guohui: Thanks, that is much appreciated. I did not know where the source was available. Unfortunately that code is essentially what I was doing. For some unknown reason the LED does not blink.