Unable to configure


I purchased this duo first time.

I tried to configure through wifi.

But I can’t connect my device through wifi.


There are multiple ways to configure the Duo to connect to WiFi network. Wonder if did google for it or check the documentation? Here’s a document that should help.


Based on that document in github only I followed.

I turned on my wifi and trying to connect after entering in to the listening mode.

But redbear app was showing that can’t able to connect. Blue led is blinking.

At the same time I tried to connect through BLE and it’s showing Duo - Kp8g and just below few numbers are showing (xx:xx::). After that what to do… then I touched setup, duo app is trying to close.

Help me.

Thanks in advance


The Duo App might be out of date and is not going to be updated. Please try using the serial terminal to configure WiFi credentials: https://github.com/redbear/Duo/blob/master/docs/out_of_box_experience.md#using-serial-terminal.