Unable to Pair the Redbear Duo to the Desktop with USB Bluetooth Dongle(4.0)


This is Chanddu,I am facing a problem while pairing/connecting Redbear duo to the desktop which uses 4.0 Bluetooth dongle.I need to see the incoming and outgoing ports of Bluetooth for the communication but for this to happen it has to be paired with the desktop.
It is detecting the Redbear as biscuit but when i was trying to pair it’s keeps on shows that it was trying to connect but not unfortunately.
Conclusion: I was thinking like

  • if we want to connect Redbear duo to desktop use WiFi and
  • if we want to connect Redbear duo to mobile use WiFi or Bluetooth.

But Bluetooth works only for mobiles???Am I right???
Best Regards,


Hi @chanddu, Regarding the BLE functionality of RedBear Duo, we are not going to support the pairing feature. When you try to make it connect to PC that require paired connection, then it won’t succeed. But usually connect the Duo to mobile phone via Apps, they just connect without requesting pairing. You can try some PC software that support BLE connectivity and do not request pairing.