Unable to use I2C with BLE Nano 2 (Arduino)


I’m trying to use an infrared temperature sensor(mlx90614).
I have a simple test program for this I2C only that runs well on an the arduino board but when I switch to BLE Nano 2 on the same breadboard with the same code the program hangs on I2C communication (Wire. endTransmission()).

I’d use mbed but there’s another issue preventing me from doing this (see other thread).

Can you please assist?


Maybe BLE Nano 2 has no I2C interface in Arduino.


I could get I2C working only on pins 29&30 - the 2 center pins D0/D1 (not in Arduino - using GCC with Nordic SDK). I hope it helps.


For me it works well with Arduino IDE and the interface that is on the lower solder pads. I did not get it to run the other one, too…


@christianm, could you please post your arduino code?
Thanks a lot.


Sorry, I made it work over mentioned solder pads and SPI, not I2C!


Hi christianm,
I have the same problem using i2c using the arduini IDE. I’ve try using the mentioned pin po_28 as sda and the po_2 as scl without success.
If I understand correctly you have used the lower part pin (mentioned as PSI) and configured as i2c. I’ve try using po_6 and po_7 : Wire.begin(7, 8, TWI_FREQUENCY_100K); but I still can’t make it work.
Could you post your i2c initialisation please?
Thank a lot


Hi @michelb,
as stated in my last post, I used SPI and not I2C… sorry for the confusion.
Best regards,


Try look at my post here