Use Nano 2 as HID device


Hi there,

I want to use the Nano 2 as a HID device. I want to connect some push buttons to the device. I want to connect my Laptop to the device and I want to control my computer with the buttons.

What is a fast way to get this done?
I am new to RedBear Devices but I played around with the Nordic nrf52-Devboard.

So, I could use the Arduino Software, but I didn’t found a HID Profil / Library.
Or I use the nordic sdk. I already flashed the hex-file I found under 'examples/ble_peripheral/ble_app_hids_keyboard/hex/ble_app_hids_keyboard_pca10040_s132.hex on the device. And it seems to work.
But all the Board description files are for the nordic dev boards. How do I start a RedBear Project?

Best, Lino


Hi @lino,

Have you install the Arduino board package for the Nano 2?

While if you playing with Nano 2 using Arduino IDE, we don’t provide any BLE service yet. User has to add BLE services manually in Arduino sketch. You can try the built-in BLE peripheral examples after you installing the board package, to see how to add BLE services.

Then you have to migrate the HID service from the Nordic SDK to Arduino.

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I used the Nordik SDK and it wasn’t so hard.

The example “ble_app_hids_keyboard” does everything I need. I just made some small change in the main file.
I also created a new board.h file, which following lines:

// ...
#define LEDS_NUMBER    1

#define LED_START      11
#define LED_1          11
#define LED_STOP       11



#define LEDS_LIST { LED_1 }

#define BSP_LED_0      LED_1


#define BUTTON_START   4
#define BUTTON_1       4
#define BUTTON_2       5
#define BUTTON_3       6
#define BUTTON_4       7
#define BUTTON_STOP    7

// ...