Using BLE Nano v2 and MPU 9250 with Arduino IDE


I’m new to the RedBear boards as well as Arduino. I’m working on something where I want to use small components and I need bluetooth, so that lead me to the BLE Nano v2. I’m also using the MPU 9250 board. I’ve installed the latest Arduino IDE on my computer and successfully uploaded the Blinky example sketch to the Nano, so I know that the board is now working.

However, I’m sort of stuck on where to go next to get the MPU9250 working, as well as being able to see data from it once I have it on a breadboard and wired up to the MPU 9250. I’ve been searching and can’t seem to find much as far as others who have done this along with libraries, etc…

Can someone get me pointed in the right direction?


How about:


Yes, I’ve read that, but where I’m hung up with that is how else I can read values without having to use an LCD. Isn’t there a way I can see the values on either my PC through the Bluetooth somehow? Or am I misunderstanding the example?


You should be able to use the Arduino Serial.print calls to display the values, as seen in the example code. I think the LCD code was just another way to display the values and aren’t really necessary. Just don’t define LCD and that portion of the code will be effectively commented out.


I’ll give that a shot and see where I can get. Thanks.


I’m really struggling to get this to work. I’m trying to use example code and have been fighting every step of the way to even get it to compile to even upload to the Nano. I’m trying to use this code:

I’ve been struggling for days with what code to you, libraries to go with it, etc…getting constant errors when trying to compile. I feel like I’m just chasing my tail here.

What can I use to get this MPU-9250 to work with the RedBear BLE Nano V2? All I want to be able to do right now is see the sensor output on the serial monitor. Right now, I can’t even get it to compile a sketch of the example code and have no idea where to go from here.


What specific files are you using, and what compile errors are you getting? Are you using the Kris Winer files directly, or the modified Sparkfun files?

BTW, you might get more replies at the Arduino, Sparkfun, or other forums. A compile problem with the MPU9250 sketches seems unlikely to be a NanoV2 issue so you might not get many replies here. If you move to those forums with your questions, I would be interested in following, since I am thinking of developing a similar project (IMU + NanoV2).