Web Server on Duo


Hi there,
Looking for an exemple how to set up a simple web server on DUO to receive parameters, from users, in order to modify the behaviour of the device build with DUO.

Thanks for help.

Redbear Duo Web Service (GET/POST/PUT/DELETE)


this folder.


thanks a lot, not easy to guess !!.


Thanks a lot for your warm helping.


hi @duffo64 ,

how can we send post request to a https server from redbear duo… is it possible??


Maybe… see here (no warranty, though) :wink:

HTTP Client ( sending POST and GET request to server)
  1. Get started! Log into your Duo Admin Interface. …
  2. : Download and install client library. Prior to installing , have your web server configured and ready for install . …
  3. Set up a web app with your Duo web SDK integration. …
  4. Open the index.php page through the web server . …
  5. Test it out !

Adrian Gates
System Admin - CloudDesktopOnline