What I have to do if I want to use duo with wiced studio?


Now, I have duo and RBlink and I want to use it with Wiced studio 5.0. What I have to do? Please help!!!


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You need to apply the patch that’s given in redbear duo github website. However last time I checked the patch was given for wiced studio 4.1.
We can ask @guohui if the same patch can be used for wiced studio 5.0 too? If not, it would be nice to get a patch for 5.0 too as there are many bug fixes in the changelog.



Can anyone say if a new patch is needed to use wiced studio 5.0?


Normally @guohui would help us in a very fast way but he seems to be away

Can someone from Redbear guide us please?



Hi all,

Supporting WICED SDK 5.0 is in progress, it will be done within this week.


Hi all,

Now support WICED SDK 5.0.1


Will this also work on the WICED SDK 6.01?


We are going to release a version in early Jan. to support the WICED SDK 6.x


Any news on working with WICED SDK 6.01?


Hi @jim, we will release a patch for the latest WICED SDK. But this task is not in the highest priority. Hopefully it can be released within March.

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