WICED SDK Build Question



I cannot seem to get the rgb binary to run properly on my Duo using the latest WICED SDK 4.0.

When I perform ./make redbear.rgb-RB_DUO in the binary folder it creates the following files:

I perform the following steps:

  1. Plug my RBLINK into my Macbook Pro [OSX 10.12.1 (16B2555)] via USB
  2. Drag & drop RBDuo_Unlock.bin to the RBLINK disk in Finder
  3. Unplug RBLINK
  4. Plug in RBLINK (LED flashing green rapidly as expected)
  5. Drag & drop redbear.rgb-RB_DUO.bin to the RBLINK disk in Finder
  6. Restart RBLINK/Duo

Nothing happens. However when I repeat all steps except #5, where I drag I drop redbear.rgb-RB_DUO.bin_MSD.bin downloaded from https://github.com/redbear/WICED-SDK/tree/master/firmware/RBLink. The Duo then starts blinking RGB.

What am I doing wrong? I noticed that when I run make the binary file name is redbear.rgb-RB_DUO.bin not redbear.rgb-RB_DUO.bin_MSD.bin? What do I need to do?


The redbear.rgb-RB_DUO.bin is only of the application part, while redbear.rgb-RB_DUO.bin_MSD.bin combines the bootloader, DCT and application.

You must have not merged the standard_platform_targtes.mk to your SDK.

Again, you should merge all of the files listed here and replace those if duplicate.