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Wifi external antenna switch


Hello, when external antenna is pluged, what is the position of the switch to make it on?


@dkryder, I lost you on that reply…

That link is going to the github i already know. There’s no information for the switch position (up or down) must be to enable external antenna. I know where is the switch part, just don’t know the position to put it.


look at third image on page,
the switch position identification note [the red note] has an asterisk. *this shows to use the onboard PCB antenna. which to me means “the shown position of the switch is for the onboard antenna”. the image shows the switch in the lower postion with the redbear logo in lower right. this would make external antenna postion upwards with the board placed with redbear logo in lower right. at least this is the way i understand it. how do you understand it?


Well, maybe you’re correct. I saw that also. But it can say that the antenna is not plugged so we’re using the pcb.
That’s why i have doubts and i need someone from Rebear to answer this. Especially because for me it’s works in both positions. I’m not so far from the router anyway to sense any difference.


yeah it’s next to impossible to test an external antenna real close to a router. if you have a neighbor nearby that would give you a good indication. or if you have a mobile hdmi screen you might be able to use a starbucks or library as a test. i need to mount the zero/redbear combo on a small sheet of plastic and then mount the antenna next to that to turn that into mobile package then figure out a small monitor setup. for now mine is always about 4 feet from the router and iperf3 results are about identical.