WiFi-Micro not seen in device manager under Windows 10


Hello, I have problem with my new PC under WINDOWS10 pro.
With Windows 8 on my old Laptop I could work with ENERGIA and the USB-RedBearCC3200Micro was shown as a COM in the DEVICE Manager.
With WIN10 this entry is missing. Only a USB-storage appears.
How can I archieve to have the RedBearCC3200 as a COM in the device manager under WIndows10 so that I can work with ENERGIA ?
Thanks for reply


Hi @clemens,
According to the pictures you attached, you are connecting the WiFi Micro to computer via a MK20 USB dongle, right? If so, it should appear in the device manager as a comport named mbed device.


Hi Guohui,
you are right, I use a USB-Dongle. The difference is (as shown in the picture before) with a WIN-8.1 PC it works. To verify my USB-Dongle with the WIN-8.1 PC I tested it again.: :

Is there a special driver for WIN10 ??


Hi @clemens, Connect the USB dongle to Win10 computer and then follow the instructions to install the driver:


You’ll see a comport after successful installation.


Hello Guohui,
great! it works with this installer.
Now I see a comport.

Also my compilation and flashing with ENERGIA under WINDOWs10 was successful.

Thank you for your support!!