Working with CodeBender but not Arduino IDE



I just bought a Blend Nano and have some issues to get it work with the Arduino IDE (1.6.7, on OSX 10.9.5). I followed the steps of the Getting Started Guide and installed :

  • ble-sdk-arduino-0.9.7.beta
  • Blend-20140701
  • nRF8001-20140701
    And modified the main.cpp with the lines before setup() command.

I’m able to upload the BLEController sketch to the Blend Micro via the usb port (/dev/cu.usbmodemfd141) with the right board name (Blend Micro 3.3V 8MHz). After that, i can see the Blend Micro with my iPhone (4s) on the RedBearLab app, but when launching the BLEController, it prompts, after few seconds, ‘no response from the BLE Controller sketch’. When i try with the simple ‘‘helloworld’’ sketch, and try to listen it with the simple chat activated on the iPhone, it is not working too.

But i found the nRF8001 example code in codebender and it is working : “Helloworld” is working too.

As I would prefer the Arduino IDE solution and codebender seems to be closed soon, I’m a little bit lost on what’s wrong about the Arduino IDE solution…

Any suggestions ?

Thank you by advance (and sorry for my english…).


Hi @pierremargerit,

Sorry for suffering problems on getting started. Please make sure you have installed the correct libraries:

Only these two libraries are required for nRF8001 based RedBear development boards. Besides, you should install the RedBear AVR Boards package via Arduino Board Manager.

BTW, make sure you have removed the old nRF8001 libraries before restarting.

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